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Honeymoon Beach, STJ, USVI

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Just around the corner from Cruz Bay and Lind Point, you will find Honeymoon Beach. Cabanas and water toy rentals are often available for use.

Honeymoon Beach, STJ

Honeymoon Beach is a huge favorite with visitors to USVI! Right around Lind Point from Cruz Bay, you will find the dinghy tie ups/mooring lines right in front of Honeymoon on the right hand side. Be sure to steer clear from the swim zone and always look out for snorkelers. The water here is absolutely beautiful and Green Sea Turtles are often seen hanging out. This is a perfect spot to stop and get on a mooring and jump in. Caneel Bay Beach Club in partnership with Zozo's has just re-opened here and offers beach chair rentals, games, shopping and incredible food and drinks! My personal favorite are the pulled port tacos on steamed Bao....very, very good!

Dinghy moorings located at Salomon/Honeymoon Beach. Note the red and green channel markers directing you to them. Make sure to stay outside of the swim buoys (white).

Photos and menu from Caneel Bay Beach Club.

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