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Tying up to a dinghy mooring

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Almost all of our St. John beaches have dinghy moorings to make it easy for you to get close to the beach. We do not allow our dinghies to be beached so you must get on a mooring when visiting St. John and anchor when in St. Thomas. The dinghy moorings are usually located close to the beach at the end of the channel markers (red and green). You will follow the markers in, staying out of the swim zone (marked by vertical white buoys). Once you reach the line, there will be a blue buoy (ball) at each end of the line with floating white buoys in the middle. Pennants (loops) are attached to the white "pickup" buoys which you will grab and thread your bow line through the loop and then cleat off to the bow of the dinghy. Check out the photos below for reference of dinghy moorings and what to look for!

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