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Cruz Bay, STJ, USVI

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Head over to Cruz Bay for a variety of food and shopping options!

Located directly East from Sapphire Marina, you will find Cruz Bay. Cruz Bay is the hot spot during season with tons of beach bars and shopping to fill your time. Most people opt to bring snacks and drinks aboard but don't worry if you need to refresh. There are public restrooms here located at the National Park Dock and all of the restaurants. There are 2 dinghy docks for you tie up to...just remember to bring your key/kill switch with you when you leave the boat securely docked. One dinghy dock is located at the National Park dock and the other one is just on the other side by the ferries, there are tie ups on either side of the ferry dockage. Make sure to keep your speed down here and watch out for mooring lines. There are tons of boats moored here and you need to take your time and watch out for other boaters. Some of our favorite spots here at Cruz Bay are Joe's Rum Hut and Beach Bar; however, any of these awesome spots is a great place to grab a cocktail and unwind. Check out the photos below for pics of the dinghy docks.

Cruz Bay, St. John
Enter Cruz Bay through the channel which will then split into two sides....make sure to not go directly across and hit the reef. Enter the main channel first before veering to the people ferry side...see bottom photo for reference.

National Park Dinghy Dock in Cruz Bay, STJ, USVI. As you're entering stay to the left to enter National Park and Customs to access this dock. You'll want to trim up and watch your depth. Tie up to the right of the finger.

If you veer to the right upon entering Cruz Bay, you will approach the ferry docks right by all the beach bars and restaurants. There are dinghy tie ups on either side of the ferries and again, trim up a bit and watch for lines and depth here.

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