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Peter Bay/Little Cinnamon Bay, STJ, USVI

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Peter Bay, STJ, USVI

Peter Bay and Little Cinnamon are great spots to stop and have a little more space to yourself. Peter Bay is home to many private villas and rentals but the public is allowed beach access per the Open Shorelines Act of 1971: Open Shorelines Act defines the "shorelines of the United States Virgin Islands" as the area from the low tide line inland for a distance of 50 feet or to the first line of natural vegetation, "whichever is the shortest distance." The Act provides that the public shall have the "right to use and enjoy" this defined shoreline area, and prohibits all persons from obstructing access within this defined shoreline area. Little Cinnamon is right next door and has a very cool snorkel "Easter Egg" of sorts. There are parts of a plane and prop that are just out in front of the rocks that can be seen from shore. Dinghy moorings are located in front of Little Cinnamon to the right of the rocks and just to the left of Peter Bay and offer easy access via a short swim to shore.

Sea Plane, St. John, Little Cinnamon
Sunken sea plan located at Little Cinnamon

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