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Francis and Maho, STJ, USVI

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Sister bays tucked away in STJ...if the swell and winds are up a bit, these bays offer a calm spot to retreat to...not to mention it is a turtle sanctuary!

Francis and Maho are also a very popular spot to send part of your day. Dinghy moorings are located on either side of Maho Point...see map below. Again, just a short swim to shore once secured. This is a turtle sanctuary due to the abundance of sea grass is almost guaranteed to see them here, just keep a nice distance and allow them to come to you. If you're hungry, check out Maho Crossroads for one of their awesome sandwiches or salads!

Dinghy moorings at Maho Beach...looking towards shore, they are on the left hand side of Maho. Fancis, the sister bay to the left of it has its own set as well close to shore.

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