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Great and Little St. James, STT, USVI

Updated: Feb 17

Barrier Islands to the SE from Sapphire Marina...great snorkeling and home to Pizza Pi!

Christmas Cove, Great St. James, STT

Great St. James and Little St. James are SE of Sapphire and offer options to anchor or tie up to a mooring (if available). Make sure when you anchor, you anchor in sand and dive your anchor to make sure secure. The James' are a lot of fun and often have a lot of people around enjoying the pizza from Pizza Pi. Eagle Rays and Garden Eels are often seen when snorkeling. There is also a sunken sailboat on your left hand side when entering the is marked by a floating fender which has already become a great habitat for Arrow Crabs and Caribbean Reef Squid!!

Going around Great St. James on the right hand side, you can cut over to Little St. James and anchor in the sand right in front of the private residence. There is also great snorkeling/diving on the right point of Little St. James, called "The Ledges." The James' are a great way to wrap up your day as you are already close to the marina and the vibe here is very relaxed.

Cruising by Little St. James, STT

Aerial overview of the James' from Sapphire Marina

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